POLB Launches 'Vessels at a Glance' Page to Increase Transparency, Improve Efficiency

vesselsThe Port of Long Beach announced Monday that the new “Vessels at a Glance” page has been added to the Port’s website in an effort to not only improve supply chain efficiency, but to increase transparency. 

The section shows all vessels that are at berth and at anchor within the POLB, as well as their arrival and departure dates and length of stay in Long Beach. According to the Port, the information will be updated on a daily basis. The information on queued vessels is provided by the Marine Exchange of Southern California.

Weekly charts showing the number of vessels at anchor at both the POLB and the Port of Los Angeles illustrate the traffic trends over the last six months. As of Monday, the number of container ships at anchor at the two ports has dropped to 11, showing that yes, the San Pedro Bay ports are indeed chipping away at the backlog of cargo. According to the POLB, it was only two weeks ago that 28 ships waited at anchor.

“Vessels at a Glance” may be reached directly through the button on the left side of the POLB’s homepage here or by moving your cursor over the Trade section of the site.

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