Long Beach Port Bridge App Proves Useful During Car Accidents, Power Outages


bridgeappclosuresPort of Long Beach officials are reminding commuters of its LB Bridge app for mobile phones, which is available for those needing not only construction-related information, but also the latest in traffic accidents, much like the recent wrong-way fatal collision on the Gerald Desmond Bridge.

According to port official Lee Peterson, the app—available on Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices—was able to notify users about the traffic situation on the bridge when a motorist drove on the wrong side of the Gerald Desmond Bridge and crashed into another vehicle—resulting in the death of the 30-year-old driver

Peterson said that on Saturday, August 1, the day of the crash, the app saw 26 additional downloads, totaling more than 3,500 downloads since the app was launched in February of 2014.

The app also allows users to view live web cameras. bridgeappcamera

“About half of the users have allowed push notifications, which we really encourage people to accept, because that is the first way that we get out word on events like Saturday’s collision,” Peterson said.

The push notifications can allow users to know about closures or re-openings related to traffic accidents.

According to port officials, the app also notified users of traffic on Ocean Boulevard in downtown Long Beach caused by the recent power outages.

“Our Harbor Patrol tracks all traffic situations in the harbor district, including the bridge, and they notify the communications team about any significant events," said Peterson. "So we will weigh each situation and then we manually send out the info via the app and social media, and if necessary news releases."

The next step in the bridge construction includes columns rising out of the ground, officials said.

For more information on the app and bridge construction click here.

Photos are screenshots of the LB Bridge app. 

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