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Good news for those who love cruising in a catamaran along the city shoreline: Long Beach Transit’s water taxi service will soon be open year-round on the weekends.

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Starting on March 8, AquaLink and AquaBus will have services on Saturdays and Sundays all year. The taxis will still offer their traditional summer service running seven days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Long Beach Transit spokesman Michael Gold said the agency has been considering adding year-round service for a few years. After a good season last year, the agency decided to expand for 2019, he said.

“We have year-round beautiful weather here in Long Beach,” he said, “so why not have service year-round?”

AquaBus takes customers along a circuit that stops at the Queen Mary, Hotel Maya, Shoreline Village and the Aquarium of the Pacific. The boat carries 35 passengers and the fare is $1 each way.

AquaLink serves Alamitos Bay, the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Queen Mary. The boat takes 75 passengers and the fare is $5 each way.

For more info, check here.

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