With Appointment of Lou Anne Bynum, Harbor Commission Has First-Ever Female Majority • Long Beach Post

The Executive Vice President of College Advancement and Economic Development for Long Beach City College, Lou Anne Bynum, is officially the 66th commissioner to serve on the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners after she was approved by the City Council yesterday.

BynumWhile Bynum marks only the sixth woman to serve on the board since its inception in 1925, her appointment not only marks the first time that three women—Bynum, Commissioner Susan E. Anderson Wise, and Commissioner Lori Ann Farrell—serve simultaneously, but also represent the board’s majority. Farrell was appointed after two seats on the board opened up late last year: former President Thomas Fields was removed from the board in a charge led by Mayor Bob Foster and Nick Sramek resigned less than 48 hours after Field’s dismissal.

The two men on the board, President Doug Drummond and Vice President Rich Dines, were both appointed in July of 2011 after being nominated by Foster. Drummond, a former councilmember for the 3rd District, was elected President of the Board in December of last year following the dismissal of Fields. Dines, a longshoreman for the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, was appointed Vice President at the same time.

“I’ve long worked with representatives of the Port of Long Beach to develop educational and job opportunities in support of economic and workforce development in the region, and I look forward to continuing those strong ties between the Port and the educational community,” Bynum said in a statement.

Harbor Commissioners make $100 for every board meeting they attend, which are scheduled twice a month. They can serve a maximum of two six-year terms.

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