Hi, I’m Cheddar and I’m a rare ginger girl! Do you know that 80% of ginger felines are male? Many feline lovers have never seen a female ginger kitten before so let me introduce myself to you so you can see how unique & wonderful I am in so many ways!My brother Parmesan and I were rescued by The Little Lion Foundation when we were a week old and placed in a foster home where we were bottle fed, once weaned we were then raised along with other foster kittens and eventually our foster moms adult cats!I am a social & affectionate little love bug! I love playing with other foster kittens and have won over all of my foster mamas cats, even the cranky 20 pounder! I love to explore and zoom around the house but if I roam too far away from my brother, Parmesan, I cry & cry until he hears me and comes to the rescue! I sleep in bed next to my foster mama and my brother every night so if someone has a “no cat in the bedroom rule I’m not the girl for you!I’m a petite beauty and my brother looks like he’s going to be very large – we’re not just a great looking pair but also a very bonded one! We’re almost always at each others side whether exploring, wrestling, playing or napping on our foster mama’s lap (we compete for the softest spot)! I would probably do well in a family with gentle children and “cat friendly dogs! Right now my brother is my very best friend so it’s important that I find a wonderful family who would love to spoil both of us!**bonded with brother Parmesan** Check out for more details!

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