Doris (10year old female; available now) is a remarkable and resilient little lady who we are so ecstatic to help find her very own forever home. We aren’t entirely sure what Doris’s past life was like, but we know she wasn’t receiving the best care. You see, Doris was dropped off at a local shelter with a massive and severely infected vaginal mass. The mass was so bad, and she was in such critical shape, that she had to have emergency surgery to save her life. This little trooper came out of it with a renewed zest for life (although to be honest, she had that zest through and through) and has made a full recovery! Thankfully the mass did not damage her urethra and she is able to eliminate on her own with no problems. Doris is such a fighter, and has so much more life to live. She is a senior and has some typical senior ailments, including limited vision and arthritis, but she also has an immense amount of love and devotion she’s very eager to spread. Doris is gentle and gets along well with all people and enjoys resting alongside her canine buds. She’s not one for long romantic strolls, but does enjoy short walks and time spent basking in the sunlight. Interested in meeting this amazing girl for yourself? Please apply today by visiting our website!

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