Honey 🍯 Our special girl is still waiting to find her forever home. She may be blind but that doesn’t hold her back. She’s got a huge heart and a lot of love to give. Eight month old Honey is sweet as honey and cuddly as a teddy bear, which is why her foster parents call her Honey Bear! This girl is SO special! Don’t let the fact that she’s blind scare you, after she gets acclimated to her new space she’s just like any other cat! She loves to play, especially with her rattle mice and she’s even been known to play fetch! She is the best lap cat and is happy as can be sitting on your lap while you work all day. She’s very communicative, but not loud, and lets you know if she needs help with something, typically it’s because she can’t find her mouse 😉. She is truly amazing to watch and it’s so impressive to witness all that she can do even though she can’t see. If you’re looking for a true companion, Honey is the cat for you! If you are interested in adopting Honey, apply at www.littlelionfoundation.org/adopt

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