Mulder & Scully


8 Year old Male & Female Bonded Pair / Available at the Station

Mulder and Scully are trying to solve the mystery of why they haven’t got a home yet! They’re a perfect team…curious, intelligent, adorable, and overall good natured. They’re perfect!!! Two pugs equal twice the love the old saying goes, and these two are sure to fulfill that promise. This pair was relinquished to us because their owner couldn’t look after them anymore, but we know someone out there will fall in love with them just as we have. Mulder is the larger male dog, and he has such a spunky charismatic personality. He’s very outgoing and is never shy about asking for attention or wagging his tail. He’s always smiling and so eager to please and be near his people. Scully is the little female, and she’s just such a ‘lil sweetie! She’s a little coy compared to her big brother but is equally as people oriented and quick to trust. These two must remain together because they are very attached to each other – always napping together and only two steps behind the other anytime their up and at ‘em. They love other dogs too and of course people of all ages. So…what’s stopping you!? Please apply today!

Click HERE to adopt Mulder and Scully!

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