Peter is a loving and playful soul. He is equal parts calm and chill as he is athletic and energetic. He loves chasing his siblings and wrestling but he has yet to break anything and is really good about not chewing any of his foster families houseplants. Peter is quite a chatty kitty. He usually makes a chirping sound when you pet him or call his name. It is just the cutest sound to hear. While he does enjoy playing with his siblings, he mostly craves the love and attention of humans. This boy loves to be kissed, cuddled and petted. He can go to a family with other kitties that are playful but he could also be an only cat if he gets enough attention. Random fun facts Peter is also an aspiring model. He goes by Petey my Sweety, Peter Rabbit and Cotton Tail. Loves chicken, roasted, fried, boiled he’ll take it all!

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