Oh Virgil…. The most unique and quirky boy to ever come through the doors of Pug Nation. To say he is special is an understatement and a half. Virgil was an owner surrender to a local shelter before coming to the rescue. He has been with his previous family his entire life, until one day when he started developing some reactivity towards the family. After being with us for the last year (yep…YEAR) we have definitely noticed some behavioral problems here and there as well. But you know what else we noticed – A dog who came in scared and deemed aggressive and red-listed by the shelter transform into a confident and sweet puppy who greets his favorite people with a little hop excited whimper. A senior boy who loves playing with the smallest and squeakiest toys he can find. A happy boy who will do literally anything for a treat. A dog who underneath it all was developing some health concerns and whose reactions were likely a result of being in pain. Virgil has had a crazy year to say the least. He was diagnosed with a blood disease, got sick a few times, had some skin issues, but has never let any of it get him down, and in fact is one of the most resilient creatures ever! Virgil surely deserves a home after everything he’s been through and all the progress he has made. His ideal home will have a patient owner who understands that Virg needs time to know he can trust you. Once he does, he’ll be your unwavering companion for the rest of time. Interested in finding out more about this incredible little guy? Please apply today by Clicking HERE

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