Summon Winchester much like you would summon Beetlejuice: by repeating his name three times with conviction. Winchester responds only to “Winnie, and upon repeating this name three times you will be greeted by not a demon, but the fluffiest, sweetest black cat there ever was. He will hop right into your lap for pets and cuddle there for hours. He has a confident motor, will make you laugh with his goofy antics, and always looks like he’s asking a question.

Once a street kitten living in the parking lot behind an antiques store, Winchester has resided in the comforts of a foster home for many months, where he has encountered such terrors as an 11 year-old child, an elderly dog, and many, many kittens. He loves the company of them all, human and animal alike, and he looks forward to live a life of grandeur in a forever home with at least one other cat sibling. He also enjoys a good wand toy, snacks of all types, and a cozy blanket.

Adopt Winchester today by clicking HERE!

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