Here’s a chill little dude that goes with the flow – from his happy-go-lucky personality, you would never know he was found as a baby kitten abandoned outside a grocery store. Xylo is an absolute sweetheart that just wants to hang out close to his favorite people and get pets and cuddles.

He’s got typical kitten energy and a sense of humor: he loves to bounce around playing chase with his sister, and sometimes gets himself stuck at the top of the cat tree, but for the most part, he is perfectly content finding a comfy, warm bed or pile of blankets to cozy up in.

He’s also a funny guy with an appetite – he will remind you when his water bowl is out or it’s time to eat by crying and following you around the house. He greets new people with confidence, and is comfortable around dogs. His sister Zamba is his best friend, and he would make an amazing pair with her.

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