Culture Agent

  • Michelle Molina: Building Peace On Pine

    Michelle Molina speaks with Culture Agent columnist Sander Roscoe Wolff about how the Millworks redevelopment of the Press Telegram building is revitalizing Pine Avenue, her passion for helping kids, and this Saturday's Green Prix Long Beach.

  • Peter Tork Brings Blues To The Bayou Festival Tonight

    Legendary Monkee Peter Tork is performing tonight at 7:30 with his band, Peter Tork and Shoe Suede Blues at the 27th Annual Long Beach Bayou & Blues Festival.  In this interview he talks about his work, life, and career.

  • David Witham's Portable Universe Now on PADNET

    Acclaimed pianist David Witham has been producing Portable Universe, a TV show that features a variety of creative music and culture explorations, for more than 10 years.  First shown on Charter Public Access, it has found a new home on PADNET. In this interview, David speaks about the history

  • Robert Deeble: Not A Tattooed Screamer

    Singer and songwriter Robert Deeble, on tour in support of Heart Like Feathers, his first album in more than six years, will be playing a secret show this Wednesday. In this interview, he talks about the new album, his roots in Long Beach, and his acceptance of moving toward middle

  • Scott Devours: From Here To The Who - Part 3

    Drummer Scott Devours has just completed a sold out European tour of Quadrophenia with rock and roll legends, The Who.  In this installment, he speaks about coming to grips with his gig playing for Roger Daltry, getting the call to fill in for Zak Starkey, and preparing for the tour. 

  • WATCH: Long Beach Painter Dean Triolo Speaks About Retrospective

    In this video interview, Long Beach artist, Dean Triolo, speaks about the retrospective of his work, presented by the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach at the Bungalow Art Center. The exhibition showcases the evolution of his creative vision, the exploration of materials and techniques, and the

  • Gregory Coates' Dumb Love - Part 1

    The mad ambition of this weekend's Wilmore 9 Festival is nearly impossible to grasp. One of the many bands that will be playing is 

  • Gregory Coates' Dumb Love - Part 2

    After electrifying the Wilmore 9 Festival last Saturday, Dumb Love will return to Long Beach on Saturday, August 17 for an acoustic set as part of Summer And Music's Busker Fest. This is Part 2 of my interview with Dumb

  • Darren Held: Improv For Life

    Held2Gether, a local improv comedy troupe, will be presenting Horseshoes & Hand Grenades on Friday, August 16 at the Long Beach Playhouse.  In this interview, founder Darren Held speaks about the transformational power of improv.

  • Greg Coates' Dumb Love - Part 3

    In the third part of the interview with bassist Greg Coates, he speaks about his seven years of pursuing rock stardom with The Bangkok 5. 

  • Art & Marine Biology At Aquarium of the Pacific

    Dr. Edith Widder, best known for her part in capturing the first video images of the elusive giant squid, will be presenting a lecture on the subject on Tuesday, August 27, at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Here, she and Dr. Steve Bernstein speak about their collaboration to create striking

  • Intersect: Paul Hogue and the Nature of Art

    The Arts Council for Long Beach 2013 Distinguished Artist of the Year, Paul Hogue, is joining with 2012 winner Trace Fukuhara, and Yoshino Rosalia Jasso, who was the first recipient of the Emerging Artist and Arts Leader award, to present new, existing, and site-specific installation works at

  • Short Film Explores the Zombie/Robot Relationship

    Film makers Mélodie Simond and Art Hall created A Friend at the End for the Guts N' Bolts Short Film Festival, taking place on Friday, September 20th, at the Renaissance High School for the Arts in Downtwon Long Beach. In this brief interview, they speak about their creative process.

  • Intersect: Trace Fukuhara Is Creating Opportunities

    Trace Fukuhara was the recipient of the Arts Council for Long Beach Distinguished Artist of the Year award in 2012, and has been the recipient of countless public art commissions throughout the city. His Pacific Wind Arts Sculpture Garden continues to be both an iconic local landmark and an

  • Intersect: The Emergence of Yoshino Rosalia Jasso

    Yoshino Rosalia Jasso, along with Paul Hogue and Trace Fukuhara, are being featured in an art exhibition titled Intersect, opening tonight at The Collaborative art gallery, located at 421 West Broadway. In this interview she speaks about her work, her pagaent experience, and the Long Beach

  • Jose Loza: Muralist Curates Zombies and Robots

    Muralist Jose Loza curated the Guts N' Bolts Art Show, currently on exhibition at the Cultural Alliance for Long Beach Bungalow Arts Building. In this interview, he speaks about volunteering on mural projects as a teenager, the challenge of finding his creative voice, and curating the

  • David Van Patten: Justice, Retribution, Love and Mercy

    David Van Patten has been quietly taking the local art scene by storm. I've seen his work on coffeehouse walls, in galleries, on posters and CD covers, and even in the Long Beach Post. As I write this, he's got four exhibitions up: One in 4th Street

  • Thea Robertshaw: The Healing Art of Dreams

    In this video interview, artist Thea Robertshaw speaks about Dreams, Memories and Visions, a retrospective that spans 50 years of her work, presented by the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach.  The closing reception for the exhibition is on Sunday, October 27, from 2PM to 4PM.

  • Podcast: The Dickies' Stan Lee

    Legendary punk band The Dickies are headlining tomorrow's Zombie Walk, which is taking place in Downtown Long Beach. In this audio podcast, guitarist Stan Lee speaks with Culture Agent columnist Sander Roscoe Wolff about touring, gear, the music business, and Halloween.

  • Artists Breathe New Life Into Stillness Saturday

    This Saturday from 6 to 10 PM, the art space Mixd Media Arts, run by Amy Tanaka and Jose Pina, is hosting a one night exhibition, Still Living Through the Living Stillness. The show, curated by Michael Nannery, features a variety of works, each that explores the still life in different