Long Beach to Host 2014 Big Bite Bacon Fest Aboard Queen Mary

The obsession with bacon continues as the Queen Mary becomes host to the Big Bite Bacon Fest which celebrates and appropriates traditions with all things bacon.

BigBiteAppearing first in San Diego last year (where it will celebrate its second birthday at the San Diego County Fair in July), the pig-loving festival is heading to Long Beach this summer.

Professional and amateur chefs alike are encouraged to partake in the fest’s cooking competition which will provide a $3K prize for the best dish. The winner of the first place prize will be sent to Vegas for the World Food Championships, where the winner will vie for the coveted title of Bacon World Champion (yes, that exists).

Entertainment? Appropriated by the pig with a bacon wedding—if you’re imagining a bacon boutonniere, you’re actually spot on the money—and ceremonies that include the “Pardoning of the Pig” (which seems quite bittersweet). Let’s not forget the Pig Pong table, Pork Ladder Toss, Bacon Hole, and—of course—a Big Daddy Bacon Pageant.

Tickets for the Big Bite Bacon Fest at the Queen Mary go on sale April 11; the festival will occur on August 2. For more information, visit www.bigbitebaconfest.com

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