Salud Juice to Open Second Location After a Short and Productive 7 Months in Business

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Photo by Asia Morris.

It was barely seven months ago that Salud Juice opened its doors to an already-loyal following. Now resident juicer Angela Almaguer’s business is set to blossom in another location, as soon as the start of October at The Belmont Athletic Club in Belmont Shore.

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While Salud Juice has grown into a fully-functioning company, the Belmont went through its own transformation in the form of a renovation and the addition of a new section designed specifically for a juice bar.

The Belmont considered running their own juice bar or partnering with someone, however, since the gym had sold Salud Juice to members before, it was practically a no-brainer to offer the budding business a chance to open their second location, according to Jeffrey Cozart, principal partner, The Belmont Athletic Club.

“It has been great working with Salud!” he said. “Angela has such a fresh and healthy attitude and it's reflected in her products. We are very excited about this partnership.”

Cozart told the Post that many of their current members already drink Salud and are anticipating the business’s arrival.

“I think as health-conscious as any Belmont Shore residents are, they will love what Salud has to offer,” he said.

Almaguer says the timing was almost “too perfect,” that the Salud team had spoken about opening a second location, but were not at all expecting the chance to arise so soon.

“We weren’t completely ready to expand, but we also could not pass this opportunity up!,” Almaguer said.

She, her partner and the store's general manager have all worked on Second Street at different restaurant locations, including La Creperie and Open Sesame in the past, so moving into the Belmont Shore neighborhood will not be an entrance into unfamiliar territory.

“I feel like I'm too busy to be any other emotion but ‘go-time!’” she said. “If I think too far ahead I'll freak out so I just take it one task at a time. Having said that, we are all extremely excited and keep pinching each other to make sure this is real life!”

If everything runs smoothly, Salud Juice plans to have their second spot open by Thursday, October 1 along with the introduction of a few new items to be released to both locations.

For more information about Salud Juice, click here. To learn more about The Belmont Athletic Club (where the second Salud is set to open), located at 4918 East Second Street, click here.


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