Beloved Belmont Shore Business Aroma di Roma Opens Second Location Downtown


First photo courtesy of Aroma di Roma, all others by Adrian Liwanag.

Belmont Shore’s favorite stronghold for an Italian-inspired siesta, Aroma di Roma, will officially open its second location in downtown Long Beach on Tuesday, December 1 at 11:00AM. Whether it’s an arse-kicking shot of espresso you’re seeking, a "Sexy Bagel" or a cannoli, the location could be deemed downtown’s newest "hideaway," as it’s off the street and nestled into the ground floor of the towering 444 building on West Ocean Boulevard.

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adrian1“We are excited to expand into Downtown Long Beach primarily to see how we fare outside of our home for the past 13 years, to see if our business model will work elsewhere, and to share the product (Coffee, Panini, Breakfast) we love with another community," owner Tim Terrelli told the Post. “Downtown Long Beach has always been on the radar due to the fact that developments in the area have been increasing annually."

It’s a downtown getaway, far removed from the noisy crescendos of Pine Avenue patrons and traffic. It’s a retreat set aside for those in need of a quiet break, a half hour spent with an espresso-in-hand sitting by an outdoor fire pit, overlooking the treetops surrounding the Queensway bridge.

And speaking of espresso, Aroma di Roma will be using Vittoria Coffee, an Australian coffee company who, according to Terrelli, has granted the new location the chance to be the first to use their product in Long Beach.

adrian2It’s your not-so-secret-anymore downtown sanctuary. And we not-so-secretly hope that you’ll skim this article in a disinterested manner so as to forget in mere moments that this Long Beach oasis-from-the-noise even exists, so we can have it all to ourselves. But hey, now it’s out of our control.

“The location is a bit hidden, however, many residents from the Shore work in the area and have already been frequenting the establishment,” said Terrelli. “We are thankful that they have also helped in spreading the word of our whereabouts.”

Terrelli says the downtown location will feature online ordering and delivery options in the near future. The link (here), sends hungry site visitors to the Facebook page for now, but will be updated soon enough.

Aroma di Roma’s second shop is located at 444 West Ocean Boulevard.

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