Showbiz: breaking into it is easier said than done, but how about campaigning into it?

After working through much of the entertainment spectrum, Mr. Kyle Langan aspires to be “Mr. Golden Globe” for the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2014, and he plans on doing so through the old Hollywood art of campaigning. Think Variety “For Your Consideration” ads gone guerilla.

The Mr. and Miss Golden Globe honorees, both of whom are usually the son or daughter of a significant actor or actress, are chosen by the Hollywood Forgein Press to escort the winners of the annual Golden Globe Awards on and off the stage. Famous alumni include Melanie Griffith, Laura Dern, and Freddie Prinze, Jr.

“Being a journalist and an actor, I thought that was a great way to combine both writing and acting, by standing on stage as a representation for both sides,” says Langan.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 3.34.43 PMAnd despite its humble job requirements, the title of Mr. Golden Globe is an ample way to bring attention to your name; it is considered a “debut” into Hollywood for many, with everyone from Jack Nicholson to Bruce Willis showcasing their offspring.

The winner will be announced next month, but Langan has decided not to just sit back patiently. Instead of simply hoping to be chosen, he has decided to campaign; an unconventional method, but one that he thinks could definitely pay off.

“Every day, I try to do something that will help my campaign, whether it’s just sending out press releases or reaching out to people on a local level. I’m going to start making videos to promote the campaign, and put them on Youtube, my blog, and other social media outlets. The goal is to get my story heard in Hollywood.”

Originally from New Jersey, Langan settled in Long Beach in order to establish himself in Hollywood through his two great passions: writing and acting. Langan was cast in the film The Undertaker’s Son, and had articles featured in publications such as Guest of a Guest, American Beauty Magazine, and His articles cover a range of topics—including an interview with actor and close friend Jerry O’Connell.

Langan will also be using his media talents to assisst the Arthritis National Research Organization, a non-profit for which Kyle is currently a marketing analyst. He will be hosting a webseries that interviews scientists as they search for cures for arthritis.

“The first year I was here, I tried to get into a [Golden Globe] afterparty,” laughs Langan. “Obviously I couldn’t get in, but I’ve always tried to infiltrate. I would love to be on something like a sitcom, but I’d also like to write—kind of like Tina Fey with 30 Rock. I love making people laugh.”

As Langan says, candidates for Miss and Mr. Golden Globe do not know they are being considered—let alone campaign for the honor. But by doing so, Langan hopes to give himself the edge he needs to win. If chosen, Langan sees this a great way to launch his career, opening doors to a variety of opportunites through the attention of the Hollywood Foreign Press, and through the support of the Long Beach community.