Giving a Cat Oral Medication

Giving your cat medication, whether oral or liquid, can be quite the challenge, to put it mildly. Being restrained with mouth forced open and noxious substances forced down the throat are not in your cat’s to-do list for the day.

The Spectacular Red Tabby!

They’re often called marmalade, orange, ginger and red, and they’re easily recognizable with their reddish-apricot coat overlaid with striking rust-red markings. About 75 percent of these beautiful cats are male because of the genes and chromosomes the cat has inherited.

The True Cost of Transitioning

When the word transgender comes to mind, some immediately think of Caitlyn Jenner. But she, a famous multi-millionaire, is an unrealistic image of what physically transitioning is like for most trans people. Things are not always smooth sailing.

Foster Kitten Diary 3: Coming When Called

This is the final installment in Dr. Kennedy’s kitty diary. Here, you’ll learn some good ways to train your new friend from kittenhood. As for adult cats–the saying about old dogs may or may not be true, and that goes for cats as well. Nothing to lose!

PEOPLE POST: Hun Sen 101—Cambodia’s Longtime Leader

The 17th of April was and is a very significant day for our Cambodian people. This year marks 41 years since the beginning of the Killing Fields in Cambodia, which lasted from 1975-1979. It is the day that Cambodian people around the world observe as our national mourning day and in solidarity with those who lost their lives in vain.