We were going to ask some of the city’s best and most respected bartenders/mixologists/your-new-best-friends how they would go about constructing a cocktail that summed up 2020.

Christy Caldwell, owner of The Ordinarie said: “It’d be a room temperature 5:1 martini with cheap drugstore gin and musty old vermouth, garnished with a dried wrinkly white-spotted olive served in lipstick-stained glass: A complete disaster.”

David Copely, owner of The Auld Dubliner, suggested: “It’s not a cocktail, but it’s a good old trusted pint of Guinness. Again, having said that, it’s probably slightly out of date. We’re having a hard time getting it here, so the keg has been sitting here a little longer than it should be. So I’ve been sipping on, let’s call it slightly out of date pints of Guinness.”

Then Post columnist Tim Grobaty chimed in with, “It should just be full of bitters,” and that kind of ended it. That was the drink.

So, instead, we’re going to tell you of a few places around town that have drinks, and food, ready to serve you this New Year’s Eve.



Anyone who read this piece about a couple of Post peeps taking a two-fisted hold of Thanksgiving via the Hawk’s special Turkey Day cocktail menu which included vodka-infused squash and liquified mashed potatoes, knows that owner Kyle Flavin takes the holidays not only seriously, but as a challenge.

Still, for New Year’s Eve, the Hawk has decided to go with offerings much more on the traditional side, so, they’re offering a basket stocked with champagne, a 16-ounce cocktail of your choice, some dark chocolate and party favors for $50. You can also grab some pizza slices from The 4th Horseman when you head to the Hawk’s drive-thru either Wednesday, Dec. 30 from 1 to 6 p.m. or Thursday, Dec. 31 from 12 to 3 p.m.

You can also order cocktails-to-go individually. Being rather a forward-thinking bunch, the Hawk’s cocktail offerings do include some Morning-After fare, i.e. Bloody Marys, etc., to get you back on your feet, or comfortably on the couch, again.

The Hawk is located at 468 W. Anaheim St. For more information, click here.


The Fourth Street mainstay is offering a four-course dinner for two for $80. Considering what you get to choose from, that’s a pretty good deal.

There are three choices for appetizers, two for salads, but the real fun is the entree which includes Santa Barbara Braised Pork and Clams (photo above) with fork-tender braised pork shoulder, fire-roasted crushed local tomatoes, baby Yukon gold potatoes, garlic, onions and Santa Barbara clams, served with grilled sourdough. There’s also braised short rib with caramelized onions, mushrooms, crispy kale, marinara and house-made gnocchi. Finally, there’s garden ravioli stuffed with sautéed mushrooms, onions, leeks, carrots, bell peppers, spinach, vegan cream cheese, marinara and vegan parmesan cheese.

And breathe.

There’s also an assortment of desserts and “libation add-ons” that you can, you know, add-on. Just know that the libations are extra.

The Social List will be open New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, so plan accordingly.

The Social List is located at 2105 E. 4th St. For more information, click here.



It wouldn’t really feel like a proper New Year’s Eve send-off without a glass of bubbly, but we wager you’re not looking to finish off the most unusual (and that’s putting it nicely) year ever with the usual.

This is why The Ordinarie is coming in clutch with a trio of cocktails, paired with champagne and a selection of NYE meal kits ready to be warmed up from home.

But first, the drinks, as envisioned by The Ordinarie’s bar manager, Dave Castillo:

The “Pick Me Up Cocktail” features cognac zinged with lemon and a dash of grenadine. The “Seelbach” is a bourbon, curaçao, and bitters concoction. And the WWI staple, the “French 75,” with its tried and true recipe of gin, lemon and a bit of sugar (in this case simple syrup).

Each cocktail bundle comes in a packaged and labeled container with a bottle of California sparkling wine for you to mix to your preferred ratio at home. Starting price for a take-home cocktail, which serves two, is $40. Feeling like trying all three? It’ll cost you $75—a total of six doses of cheer. Those who feel like splurging can opt for a bottle of Verve Cliquot, starting price for one cocktail (again, serves two) and bottle is $110.

The Ordinarie’s head chef, Chelsea Arrizon, devised two full meals, a brown sugar and bourbon glazed ham and a short rib with a root beer glaze, and a “Celebration Snack Trio.” All the meals will be packaged separately and include heating instructions.

The Ordinarie closes early on NYE and will be closed on New Year’s Day. Last pick-up for cocktails is 5:45 p.m. on Dec. 31. The specialty New Year’s meals need to be pre-ordered before the end of the day (9:30 p.m.) on Dec. 30.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also inform you that you can still purchase the Miracle Christmas cocktails and specialty mugs until NYE.

To check out the full menu and place your orders online, click here, or call (562) 676-4261. The Ordinarie is located at 210 The Promenade N.


Everyone loves Lola’s, that’s probably why there’s a couple of them.

And everyone loves Lola’s family packs, which not only come with such staples as tamales, enchiladas and tacos, but all that accompanying good stuff—rice, beans, chips, salsa. The family packs feed from four to six people, depending on the people who are doing the eating.

And for anyone who likes a bit of drinking to accompany their eating, Lola’s is offering a free pitcher of Margaritas with the purchase of a family pack. Nice.

Lola’s is located at 2030 E. 4th St., and 4140 Atlantic Ave. To order or for more information, click here.


Promo flyer for the Auld Dubliner’s Ring in the Irish New Year celebration. Image courtesy the Auld Dubliner.

For owner David Copely, New Year’s at The Auld Dubliner was always his favorite as it was the one holiday celebration that felt the most like home.

“It’s the grandparents. It’s the parents. It’s the kids. Everybody’s having a few pints, everybody’s having food. Kids are dancing. There’s live music. I mean, it’s just exactly what a pub should be,” Copely said.

Copely wasn’t sure if he was going to carry on with the celebration this year, but after a nudge from his friend, Christy Caldwell at The Ordinarie, he decided to put on a virtual celebration. After all, what’s COVID to a decade-long tradition?

Those who’d like to ring in the New Year can hop online from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. (that’s midnight in Ireland) for a special livestream where Copely, Caldwell and the Dubliner’s general manager, Janeen Pisano, will be “shooting the breeze.” There’ll be plenty of pints to be had, and some special live performances by Irish outfit, The Hooligans, and Ken O’Malley.

Those who’d like to join in the Irish festivities can pick-up some traditional Irish fare (think sausage rolls, Irish tea sandwiches, smoked salmon mousse), $1 cans of Guinness (max 4) and whiskey flights.

The Dubliner will be closed on New Years Day, last day to pick-up your order is noon, Dec. 31.

To see the whole menu and order online, click here, or email Janeen Pisano at [email protected]. The Auld Dubliner is located at 71 S Pine Ave.


Car with the licenses plate “tiki life” at Bamboo Club. Photo credit: Craig Lowden.

Since it came on the scene a couple of years ago, the Bamboo Club has made a name for itself not only for imaginative Tiki cocktails but a cuisine that, while decidedly Tiki-inspired, is of such quality to be touted under any label.

Bamboo Club is offering a good deal of both in a $75 package that includes a four-pack of Bamboo Club cocktails along with a menu featuring fried mushrooms, veggie egg rolls, house-made spam masubi and Mochiko chicken.

The Bamboo Club is located at 3522 E. Anaheim St. For more information, click here.


Though known for innovation and a bit of daring, Padre is keeping it fairly traditional this New Year’s Eve.

On its pickup menu is the likes of taquitos, ceviche and chips, pozole and tacos.

The one caveat is that they are offering enough food to feed your family. So tacos come by the dozen, ceviche by the pound and pozole by the quart.

As for something to drink, it’s offering bottles of champagne, premade cocktails or mixers and bottles of tequila and mezcal. Pretty much something for everyone. Maybe even seconds.

Padre is located at 525 E. Broadway. To order, call (562) 612-4951. For more information, click here.


The Easy Rider from the Grasshopper is a Whiskey, macerated plums, lemon juice, cinnamon, gran classico cocktail. Image courtesy The Grasshopper.

If you’re looking for the biggest, boozy bang for your buck, consider the Grasshopper. They’ve got 10 drinks to choose from ranging in sizes and styles, whatever your preferred poison or dose may be.

Feeling traditional? Go with their Old Fashioned or Manhattan. Going for something unique? They’ve got “Where Did the Sun Go” a whiskey, ginger, cinnamon, plum, clove and sugar concoction. Just want to stick with simple, but a goodie, grab the Kentucky Mule.

Purchases of $40 serve 6. Or, go big with a serving of 12 for $80. Grasshopper will be accepting orders for pick-up until 5:15 p.m. Dec. 31.

To check out the full menu and order online, click here. The Grasshopper is located at 136 E. Anaheim St.


Image courtesy Portuguese Bend.

Restaurant/bar/distillery Portuguese Bend invites you to clink to the new year with one, or all, of their NYE cocktail kits.

The cocktail kits include:

  1. Old Cuban Cocktail Kit $40
    • Portuguese Bend White rum, Fresh made mix, dehydrated limes, and a bottle of sparkling brut.
  2. Rosa 75 Cocktail Kit $55
    • Portuguese Bend Dona Rosa Gin, fresh lemon juice, Strawberry syrup, dehydrated fruit, and a bottle of sparkling brut.
  3. Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit $45
    • Portuguese Bend Breakwater Vodka, House made bloody mix, spiced jerky, olives, and spicy seasoning salt rim.

This year Portuguese has also partnered with MADE by Millworks and Recreational Coffee, offering a Couch Commune NYE gift set.  It includes a bag of Recreational Coffee Holiday Blend, Portuguese Bend’s Vegan Rum Cream, a Pow Wow LB Mug, and Burning Beak Jelly for $65.

Place your orders online, or call (562) 435-4411. Portuguese Bend is located at 300 The Promenade N.


NYE Restauration promotional flyer. Image courtesy Restauration.

This Fourth Street bistro, known for its fresh, inventive recipes has crafted a special three-course NYE meal for $40.

Those who’d like to pair their meal with some bubbly have a few options as well, including the “light weight pack,” featuring two mini bottles of champagne for $6.50, a bottle of Gougenheim sparkling rose for $14, and a mimosa pack with a bottle of Cava and a 6 oz. serving of fresh-squeezed orange juice or grapefruit juice for $17.

Restauration is now accepting pre-orders and will be available for pick-up only on Dec. 31 from 5-8:30 p.m.

For more information and to order, click here, or call (562) 439-8822. Restauration is located at 2708 E. 4th St.


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enjoy Fuego’s New Year’s Eve menu at one of the prettiest places in town.

Still, it’s a great menu with a first course of lobster and corn bisque or Burrata tomato salad. Entrées feature a sButter Pelection of Filet Mignon, Chilean Sea Bass, Roasted Maple Leaf Duck or Butter Poached Maine Lobster Tail. Dessert? Chocolate Ganache Cake.

Nice, right?

Evenm nicer, you can purchase any of Fuego’s available bottles of wine separately with a special buy one, get one 50% off.

NICE, right?!

You can order and pick-up on December 31 from 5 to 9 p.m.

Fuego is located at 700 Queensway Dr. For more information or to order, click here or call 562-481-3910.