LongBeachTop35Infographic courtesy of Vocativ.

Tech-storytellers Vocativ released its annual list of America’s most livable cities for those under the age of 35, with Long Beach resting at a cool #8 on the list.

2012 marked the year where over a third of Millenials—the adults in the nation who are currently between 18- and 31-years-old—lived with their parents, rising to some 21.6M. Pew Research suggests that the spike is due to the remaining effects of massive recession that began in 2007, which left this group of people with declining employment opportunities.

Given this, Vocativ felt it was “high time to crunch the numbers and figure out where the hell you can actually live these days and still retain some self-respect.” Crunching the numbers of various amenities in the analysis of America’s 50 most populous cities, the list took into account everything from the average rent to the most wallet-friendly ounce of medical-grade marijuana.

In which of these areas is Long Beach strongest? Biking, affordable weed and cheap pedi/manis.

That’s right: on the Green Commuter Index, Long Beach sits behind San Francisco and Austin as the top city for biking and walking (while the #1 city on the list, Portland, shockingly didn’t even make the top 10 in this category).

On the choice of cheapest marijuana, Long Beach lost to San Francisco by 13 cents and Seattle by 19 cents for a grand total average of $239.75 per ounce of ganja (Portland scored top honors, smoking out the competition with a user-friendly $216.92 per ounce cost).

Next time you’re out and about, check out the hands and feet of Long Beach because we sit at #2 in the nation for the average cheapest pedi/mani at $24. Detroit (who didn’t make the list as a whole) holds the top spot at $18.

Long Beach joined two other California cities, San Francisco (#2) and Fresno (#24) on the list. The top 10 included:

1. Portland
2. Austin
3. San Francisco
4. Seattle
5. Minneapolis
6. Las Vegas
7. Atlanta
8. Long Beach
9. Denver
10. Phoenix

For the complete list of all 35 cities, click here.