On Episode #6 of “CAN YOU HEAR ME, LONG BEACH?” Cheantay Jensen talks about her unusual solution to vaping: cigarettes. A smoker since 16, Jensen wrote in a recent Post article about her struggles with cigarettes, how she turned to vaping to kick that habit only to now turn back to cigarettes to kick vaping.

It took a serious car accident and dreams of a T-shirt empire to move Tony Dalvidia to follow his dreams, which included putting the Summer Luvin music festival. Dalvidia is starting his second season of producing the weekly PeaceArt music shows which allow fans not only to see bands but interact with them and pushes a simple principle: do what you want.

In their weekly roundup of things to do this weekend, The 7, Asia Morris and Steve Lowery talk about Usual Suspects, Tiny Terrors and what The Dark Art Emporium gets that a lot of other galleries, and arts organizations, don’t.

1:50 Cheantay reading “I’m smoking cigarettes to quit my vaping habit…”
2:20 Vapers love bathrooms
4:40 Steve and Cheantay discuss using cigarettes to quit vaping
21:15 Tony tells the origin story of PeaceArt and it’s its upcoming season
29:15 Bands featured this season on PeaceArt
33:00 What is a “Tiny Terror”?
37:45 People still shoot on film?
41:15 Government surveillance; who’s worthy?