So, as we write this, it’s been a little more than 24 hours since Elbee came into our life and we are having a hard time focusing.

So. Many. Questions.

The new Cal State Long Beach mascot, one of three (that we know of), was introduced to the world via a video on Monday. You’ll see that video, pretty much on a loop, and hear some people who’ve written about Elbee and are now wondering about life choices.’s Mike Guardabascio and JJ Fiddler and Hi-lo editor Steve Lowery talk about what’s going on in the video, has Long Beach State’s mascot saga become so tortured as to qualify as a ring of hell and what’s going on at a school that seems to get so much right but, when it comes to mascots, well…

All that and Jabber Jaw in this encore presentation of a Tuesday Live Chat. (If you’d rather avoid the ads, come in at the 1:38 mark.)

Have a look and listen.