Six-Minute Short TRUCKER KITTY Creates as Many Questions as it Answers

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Still screen image of TRUCKER KITTY. 

Trucker Kitty stars Kitty (Qinger) Liang in a film made by a friend, Alice Choe.

Trucker Kitty is a surprise.

Your first thoughts are, "I don't think she should be driving this truck." Even Liang is enthused with herself and describes her own actions sarcastically; she doesn't seem to take the job too seriously.

"Look who just made a 10-point turn!" she twitters, which doesn't inspire much viewer-confidence in her driving abilities.

There's so much left to wonder after this six-minute glance into the female trucker's life ends. You wonder about her safety, how she fends for herself in a world where being stranded due to any number of reasons, such as the weather or a truck malfunction, is not uncommon. You wonder about her sanity, her loneliness, and you wonder how she ended up here and why she's down for this type of ride.

And then you realize you probably wouldn't be wondering these things if it were a six-minute glance into the life of a male trucker, no matter how many jokes he might crack about his profession. If not, congratulations, maybe you're not prone to stereotyping.

According to the short, Liang received her certificate of completed training in 2012 to begin her work as a Schneider driver out of French Camp, CA. The film was made in 2013. Whether or not Liang keeps the job is a mystery—one you'll have to find out for yourself.

I'm going to leave Trucker Kitty's blog here, against my better judgment, because I think you should wait to read it until you've seen the film. Blow your own expectations out of the water, I dare you.

Trucker Kitty will be shown on Sunday, September 13 at 5:00PM as part of the Women's Shorts Program of the 2015 QFilms Festival at the Art Theatre. Click here for tickets and more information. 

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