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Image courtesy of the GOD I HOPE I GET IT Facebook page

The search for the perfect “fag hag”—as leading man Parvesh puts it—can be rough.

Not everyone understands the brutal and humorous banter of best friends, while simultaneously understanding when to be sensitive at crucial moments with your gay BFF.

The QFilms short God I Hope I Get It drops the viewer into a surreal audition for the part of a replacement for a gay man’s female best friend, who is “retiring” to get married. The film spans a mere 12 minutes, veering from overly-caustic humor to moments of spot-on—if forced—BFF inside jokes.

Each female candidate is put through the ringer for role of Parvesh’s “hag,” demonstrating their knowledge of “Mommy Dearest,” fashion and political correctness, their dancing ability and most importantly, their ability to withstand Parvesh’s abuse.

But that’s the thing. Sometimes the humor’s a bit too harsh. Underneath that dry, demeaning humor, sits an overly-sensitive Parvesh, one who is sadly letting go of his long-term “hag” Isabella, who fits all of his needs. The short was also filmed before gay marriage was legalized, judging by Parvesh’s reference to gay marriage remaining illegal in the state the candidates are auditioning in. And it’s his friendship with Isabella that comes across as truly authentic, with best friend banter and a mutual understanding of each other’s weaknesses. It’s in these funny, authentic, and moments where both the actors and the script really shine.

God I Hope I Get It will be shown Saturday, September 12 at 11:00AM during All Sorts of Shorts, part of the 2015 QFilms Festival at the Art Theatre. Click here for tickets and more information.

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