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Multi-platinum band Neon Trees closed out this year’s Pride Festival with a high-energy set on the main stage. Photos by Matt Cohn. 

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A music lover at the Pride Festival last night was faced with a dilemma: Go to the main stage and catch a set by Neon Trees, or stay in the dance tent, where DJ Tim Hampton (DJ name DaCapo) was positively killing it, moving effortlessly from trap and dubstep to deep and hard house, with monster bass drops interspersed throughout?

As it turned out, one was able to fully indulge in both options in a magical setting that featured the lit-up Long Beach skyline, an almost-full moon, the waterfall on nearby Island Grissom, and a crowd that was thoroughly loose from a weekend of partying.


DJ DaCapo’s mixing expertise kept his crowd lit.

Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn was excellent, infusing his vocals with passion and punctuating them with moves that could be described as Michael Jacksonesque; spins, toe dancing and dramatic knee drops.


The atmosphere in the dance tent was sensual and fiery. 

Glenn, who came out as gay in 2014, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play at the Pride Festival.

The Provo, Utah-based Neon Trees has a distinctly ’80s-influenced sound, which became more apparent during their song “1983” and reached its logical conclusion during their outstanding cover of Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me.” Glenn had the crowd singing in full voice during the choruses of the early-80s classic.


Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn brought a ton of heart to the proceedings.

Drummer Elaine Bradley’s voice blended brilliantly with Glenn’s. She also shone during her cameo performances as lead vocalist.

It was a great night, adding to Long Beach’s strong reputation as a go-to town for music.


The crowd at the main stage had plenty of love for Neon Trees.

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