Bluegrass Festival at Rose Park Needs Your Help

1:20pm | You may have heard news of or seen flyers about a bluegrass festival coming to Rose Park (Orizaba & 8th St) on August 21st.

It's especially exciting because there hasn't been a festival of its kind in Long Beach since the old CSULB 49er Banjo, Fiddle & Guitar Festival back in the late 70's.
 They charged $2 for that one back in the day, but the Rose Park Bluegrass Festival is free, so you can save your $2 for whatever it is that $2 will get you these days.

The musical lineup alone would be worth doling out some cash for admission, but you see, we don't much need to pay anymore for quality summer concerts in Long Beach. Those days are gone thanks to SAM and now, newcomer, Rose Park Bluegrass Festival.

Headlining in this inaugural year of their festival is singing sensation Frank Fairfield having completed the European leg of his tour just in time for his Long Beach debut.

Joining Fairfield will be Lonesome Otis, Wreck N' Sow and the Signal Hill Billys. 

What you may not have heard about is the amazing arts & crafts events that will be available to the children attending the Rose Park Bluegrass Festival.

One of the things that makes this event so unique, besides the fact that it's the only bluegrass festival in Long Beach, is that they are paying particular attention to this aspect of their project.

And here's where they could use your help.
 The Rose Park Bluegrass Festival is trying to put the word out to ensure that they have ample material for the arts & crafts activities. 

Like the build-your-own-instrument workshop, lead by Kristal Greenlea, Director of Marketing & Public Relations for the Garage Theatre located in downtown Long Beach. Kristal is also a Special Education teacher in the Long Beach School District. At Kristal's workshop children will learn to build instruments ranging from drums and didgeridoos to banjos and violins. Children will then participate in a "jam session" led by an experienced musician using their own musical handiwork. 
Some of Kristal's project needs are as follows:

  • Rubber bands   
  • Tempra paint
  • Brushes
  • Crayons
  • Rulers
  • Containers (plastic bottles, plastic eggs, etc)
  • Beans to fill shakers/rainmakers (lots)
  • Long sturdy tubes

Jessica Variz, also of the Garage Theatre, will be teaching the children to make finger puppets, which they will use in a performance piece at the festival.
 Her needs are:

  • Paper bags (small for puppets)
  • Buttons for puppets eyes (or materials to make facial features)

Jen Davis is an art history graduate from CSULB and will be hosting the junk chimes project where she will instruct children in the creation of musical wind chimes using various found objects or "junk". 
Jen would like to know if you would be willing to donate the following:

  • Any old silverware

  • Metal conduit of various lengths and sizes
Glass beads (any)
Fishing line

  • Old pot or pan lids
Skeleton keys
Plastic buttons

If you can help with any of the materials listed above, drop them at The Long Beach Depot For Creative Reuse at 320 Elm Ave Monday thru Saturday 11am - 6pm. Or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Long Beach Depot For Creative Reuse will be closed until Tuesday, August 9th.

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