SoundWalk and LOLPERA: Old and New Long Beach Classics This Weekend

Editor's note: For updated seating information for LOLPERA, see here.

You saw it here first - a LOLPERA sneak peek!

9:20am | If you haven't been paying attention (here, and here), I'm pretty hot for this LOLPERA thing cooked up by LN&AND and being served up at the Garage Theatre beginning tonight. Am I gonna be at the opening gala? You bet your whiskers!

If you have been paying attention, you might recall that I've been hot for this SoundWalk thing for years. So my calendar's booked for Saturday night, too.

SoundWalk, for the eighth year in a row, will transform the East Village Arts District by way of 40 sound installations (map) into a one-night, giant indoor/outdoor gallery space, framing he idea of neighborhood by way of sensory stimulation you encounter merely by walking from place to place. It's a journey you should never miss. And why would you? It's free, and all are welcome.

LOLPERA, meanwhile, is a tougher ticket to get. There's a lot of hype — all of it deserved — surrounding this full-blown opera about the CATastrophe (Iz can make LOL?) inherent to searching for meaning in the most meaningless of pursuits: the meming of life. It's stupid and hilarious and brilliant, it's got the blessing of despite playfully tearing it and its devotees a new one, and the show's entire run is going to sell out. You can't go tonight (sold out — as is Saturday, for that matter), but you should try to get tickets for sometime in the coming month. Try to get them, like, now. You can post that pic of Tabby or Cupcake being adorable later.

LOLPERA world premieres tonight and runs Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8 p.m. @ the Garage Theatre (251 E. 7th St) through October 29. Price: $15-$18 (Thursdays 2 for 1). More info:

SoundWalk takes place Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the spaces and on the streets throughout the East Village Arts District. Price: free. More info:

Cats will be fighting and loving and warring and making lolz right here.

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