Religious Leaders Meet In Long Beach To Sign World Peace Treaty


Photo courtesy of HWPL

The 2014 Religious Leaders Peace Conference, a gathering of over 100 religious leaders and university students from across North America, was held at the Grand Event Center in Long Beach April 15.

The event was hosted by Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL), an international non-profit organization based out of South Korea, whose goal is to put an end to war and restore peace through unconditional love and tolerance. In addition to a guest panel discussion and a united prayer by all faiths, there was a large contingency of influential religious who signed the HWPL Peace Treaty, the organization’s pledge to stop religious scrutiny and to work together toward peace.

Man Lee, chairman of HWPL, delivered the keynote speech. The 84-year-old South Korean war veteran has travelled to 58 countries advocating his message of peace. Lee served on the front lines during the three year war between North and South Korea and started HWPL movement to restore world peace through instilling a new, peaceful culture to the world. A heavenly culture.

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“He is traveling the world to make sure the message of peace is reaching out to everybody,” said Imam Shamshi Ali, Head Imam of the Islamic Culture Center of New York and signee of this year’s HWPL Peace Treaty. “I think he is exceptional and courageous, with a young and strong spirit. Not many people are doing that.”

Lee drew scrutiny prior to a speech he delivered at Crystal Cathedral in July 2012 because in his literature he states that he “is the only person who saw and heard the events of Revelation and can testify to the mysteries of Revelation, exactly according to the Bible.”

The conference was part of Lee’s 9th world tour speaking to with religious and political leaders advocating for the end of wars and the start of world peace. The tour has been in part, an effort to promote and gather commitments from world leaders to attend HWPL’s upcoming World Alliance of Religions for Peace Summit in Seoul, South Korea scheduled for later this year.

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