Long Beach Residents Rescue Abandoned Freeway Stray

found dogOn the cloudy morning of July 1st, Shannon Jordan discovered a badly injured dog abandoned on the freeway median between the on-ramp of the 710N and the 405N. After Jordan posted a Facebook call to action the Long Beach, Calif. Facebook page, hundreds from the Long Beach community responded with comments of support, while multiple residents ventured to the site to try and find the lost animal.

Emily Haden, co-founder, alongside Martin Molina, of Aunty Emily’s Furry Family responded to the call for action immediately. After a short and bated 20 minutes of searching, Haden was able to lure the starving and wounded dog to her with wet canned food. “Abe,” as he's called now, limped cautiously over to her welcoming promise of a better home than the foodless grassy island of he’d endured for an unknown stretch.

The ravaged yet recovering canine, according to Haden, is estimated to be about 7 years old, was already neutered and had an unregistered chip. He was severely emaciated, dehydrated and infested with parasites, all of which Haden removed herself. She also fed him, gave him a de-wormer and flea and tick medication.

Questions were raised about why Long Beach citizens responded more quickly than animal control, while Haden understood the likelihood of the lost animal being euthanized if LBAC had found him first.

Haden set up a fundraiser, “Abe The Freeway Stray Needs Your Help,” which has garnered contributions overnight for more than the requested amount of $600. Funds will be used to pay for Abe’s x-rays, blood work and anything else he needs to become a healthy, happy dog.

As for now, Abe is still in Haden’s care but hopes to be adopted. He loves to have his chin and ears scratched and was clearly ecstatic to be rescued.

Pictured above: Emily Haden and Abe, courtesy of Live Love Animal Rescue

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