Third-Ever Open Mic Night for Breastfeeding at Viento y Agua


Are you a mother, a child, a father or a daughter? Are you someone’s son, aunt, uncle or grandmother? All givers and supporters of life are welcome to join the third-ever Open Mic Night for Breastfeeding, organized by the same amazing women who started Latch & Link in support of breastfeeding awareness and especially, a woman’s right to breastfeed in public.

Typically an annual event, Celine Malanum and Christine Gibson did not host the Open Mic Night for Breastfeeding last year, simply because it was their first time putting on Latch & Link, which was truly a feat and quite a success for mothers and supporters within the Long Beach community. Now it’s about heading back to where it all began on the first packed evening at Viento y Agua Coffee House on 4th St. two years ago.

This Saturday, October 11 from 7:00PM to 10:00PM, these breastfeeding supporters are welcoming those who have personal experience with breastfeeding, whether as a mother, perhaps as a significant other, a child or a close friend, to take the stage and share the experience with a receptive and respectful audience. Sign-ups start at 6:45PM, and performances should last not longer than three minutes. Pieces should be true to the performer's creative style and ultimately support breastfeeding. This event is free to attend and participate.

If you're reading this and thinking you simply don't know what to write, Celine and Christine have a few suggestions...

Write a letter to your breasts, your milk, your child(ren), your partner, your self, or your family.
Style your performance as a diary entry. For example, "Dear Diary, today breastfeeding was..."
Create a list of all the questions you had before breastfeeding, followed by a list of the answers.

Whether or not these ideas inspire you to share your thoughts, come out to Viento y Agua and show your support. Be heard, listen to what an important part of your community has to say about the phenomenon that is breastfeeding. It's your experience, your words, and your voice. In the wise words of Celine and Christine, "Because we need to share our stories – to be heard, and to hear, and to continue a community of support."

Visit Long Beach Breastfeeds to keep updated on cool events and happenings. For more information on the open mic night and to RSVP click here. Viento y Agua Coffee House is located at 4007 4th St.

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