Jim Gaffigan Brings OBSESSED to Long Beach Terrace Theater


"Dah dah dah, dah daahhh ... Mistaaaaaaaake," hums Jim Gaffigan as he recreates the well known McDonald's theme tune "I'm Lovin' It," during a segment of his stand-up performance, Mr. Universe. Well, Long Beach residents, hold onto your BigMacs and leftover McDonald's fries, because beloved actor, Grammy-nominated comedian and New York Times bestselling author will be gracing Long Beach's Terrace Theater.

Gaffigan's OBSESSED tour is a rampant take on our culture's addiction to food and the shame of eating like a fatty. Gaffigan will be slamming seafood, discussing "the American dream," and lamenting that he'd rather eat an entire pint of ice cream than live long enough to see his daughter get married, "Don't you die in 18 years there's an awkward party you have to pay for!" screeched Gaffigan during "Weddings".

Tickets look a little pricey—$62.50 for orchestra—but it's probably worth the dough for more than a few hearty laughs about the reality that is food in America, and everything it has to do with. Note: don't be fooled by Mr. Gaffigan's homepage; the Long Beach stops are not sold out as his website claims.

OBSESSED hits the Long Beach's Terrace Theater this Thursday, December 4 at 8:00PM and Sunday, December 7 at 7:00PM. Tickets can be purchased here for the Thursday night performance and here for Sunday night's performance.

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