Cal Heights to Hold Huge Community Yard Sale

More than 80 California Heights households will be out selling their unwanted items this Saturday during an inaugural community yard sale organized by Long Beach native Trina Rufo.

According to Rufo, she sent out postcards to all property owners in the area and also obtained permits from the city for each home. She hopes the yard sale will further “strengthen and bond this very active, tight-knit neighborhood,” to which she has a strong connection.

Rufo, a realtor and active member of the community, was born and raised in Long Beach—specifically, in Cal Heights. Her family owned Mario’s Pizza Deli at 1200 East Wardlow Road for around 25 years.

She said participating homeowners are encouraged to donate a small portion of their earnings to the California Heights Neighborhood Association and unsold items to the Long Beach Rescue Mission or other non-profits.

The event, which Rufo hopes to continue annually, will be held Saturday, June 13, will be held from 8:00AM to 3:00PM.

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