Long Beach to Join Worldwide Kidical Massive Movement this Weekend


Photo courtesy of Kidical Mass BK.

“[...] How cool is it that kids get to rule the streets in cities all over the U.S.?” asked Blair Cohn, bicycling advocate. Cohn is Bixby Knolls’ Kidical Mass organizer and the executive director of the Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association (BKBIA).

On Saturday, September 19, Bixby Knolls will participate in the international “Kidical Massive” bike ride where every city across the U.S. that hosts a “Kidical Mass” will be riding their bicycles on the same day. The ride will start at 1:00PM from Georgie’s Place and is free and open to everyone.

Typically Bixby Knolls’ (BK) Kidical Mass is held on an early Sunday afternoon, but Cohn said they were happy to switch up the schedule to be a part of this national movement.

“It will be fun for all of the kids to know that they have comrades in other cities across the nation doing what they are doing all at the same time,” he said. “It will give them a real sense of importance for being a part of this program.”

Kidical Mass was founded in 2008 in Eugene, Oregon as a way to make known that “Kids Are Traffic Too.” Kidical Massive is a way to direct worldwide attention to the notion “that cities that plan for family biking are more livable, sustainable, profitable and fun.”

Nearly 50 cities and counting have registered to ride on Saturday, from London to Los Angeles, and Long Beach is one of them.

Kidical Mass BK celebrated its third anniversary in May, marking the day the BKBIA joined the movement to assist the City of Long Beach’s bicycle friendly initiative. The monthly rides average 4.5 miles and roll through Bixby Knolls and the Cal Heights, Los Cerritos and Virginia neighborhoods.

“We feel really proud to be pushing the city’s agenda for being so bike-friendly in our business district but even more so in stressing the importance of health, fitness, confidence, and bike safety,” Cohn said.

Saturday’s ride will be themed “School Spirit.” Participants are encouraged to wear a shirt representing their favorite school or university. Prizes will awarded for showing the most school spirit.

For more information about Long Beach’s Kidical Massive, visit the event page here.

Georgie’s Place is located at 3850 Atlantic Avenue.

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