Friday is National Cheeseburger Day: Here's How to Celebrate in Long Beach

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Photo by Asia Morris of Berlin Bistro's Kobe Beef Arugula Burger.

National Cheeseburger Day is just around the corner on Friday, September 18. Celebrate this day of meaty, cheesy deliciousness with the drool-worthy menu items described below, all from local joints throughout the city.

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Berlin Bistro: Kobe Beef Arugula Burger

While the burger looks a little small upon arrival, your oversized American expectations will be put to rest when you experience the tantalizing tantrum of flavor packed into this baby. The applewood bacon is crisped to perfection and the creamy layer of goat cheese packs a pungent punch. Watch out National Cheeseburger Day, Berlin Bistro’s a comin’ for ya.

Check out Berlin’s menu here and vegetarians, fear not, all of Berlin’s burgers are available as a vegetarian option.

Berlin Bistro is located at 420 East Fourth Street.

MVP’s Grill & Patio: George Foreman Series

Looking to spend under $8 for one of the best cheeseburgers in Long Beach? Look no further. MVP’s Big George Foreman, George Foreman III, George Foreman IV and George Foreman V Burgers all have copious amounts of meat and cheese involved to satisfy each and every one of your gnawing hunger cravings.

It’s recommended that you show up hungry for the double cheese, double beef stack that is the Big George Foreman Burger, sure to knock you right out with a slumberous food coma post-consumption.

Click here for the menu and keep in mind, if the waddle back to your humble abode after a meal here seems daunting, you can always order it to be delivered.

MVP’s Grill & Patio is located at 2742 East Fourth Street.

The Attic on Broadway: Veggie Burger

When it comes to celebrating cheeseburgers, most of us probably picture ourselves devouring the greasy, juicy goodness born from the classically indulgent meat and cheese combo, but you simply can’t ignore the fact that veggie burgers have a major steak in the game, too (see what I did there?).

Tiffany Chen, a Long Beach local, vegetarian and Sustainability Analyst for the city, knows a thing or two about sustainable eating and living, so we took her word for it when she mentioned The Attic’s Veggie Burger as a top-notch vegetarian and vegan option.

”You can tell by the ingredients that it's definitely not your average frozen garden variety patty that some restaurants slap on their menu to placate the non-meat eaters,” said Chen. “It's obvious the chef was very thoughtful about what goes into it; every bite is action-packed with flavor.”

Click here to check out the menu and read up on the black bean patty, chipotle mayo, pepperjack cheese goodness that makes up the Veggie Burger.

The Attic is located at 3441 East Broadway.

The Factory Gastrobar: Mac n’ Whiskey Cheeseburger

This brand new menu item was concocted by Owner Natalie Gutenkauf’s creative mind specifically for National Cheeseburger Day. It’s a deconstructed cheeseburger served mac n’ cheese style, which fittingly uses a Milk Stout from Left Hand Brewing out of Longmont for the cheese sauce, in honor of The Factory’s celebration of Colorado Beer Week, ending on Saturday, September 19 with a Colorado Beerfest from 2:00PM to 9:00PM.

Not only is the Mac n’ Whiskey a surefire way to rock your tastebuds, but Gutenkauf’s rebranded menu also includes the Factory Burger, Bixby Blue Burger and the Jolly Lamb Burger, using all 100 percent grass-fed beef (and all-natural ground lamb). Gutenkauf says that because of the drought, this past year it’s been a struggle to keep local, 100 percent grass-fed beef on the menu, but she’s made it work.

“They say nothing worth having comes easy and I can certainly say, our burgers are more than worth having ... a true labor of love and quality!” she said. 

The Factory Gastrobar is located at 4020 Atlantic Avenue.


Photo courtesy of Chianina Steakhouses.

Working Class Kitchen: Chianina Beef Burger

Chianina’s sister restaurant, Working Class Kitchen (WCK) invites you to take a bite out of history with their Chianina Beef Burger. Originally hailing from Italy, Chianina cattle stand at six feet tall and 3,500 pounds as the largest, and one of the oldest, breeds in the world. WCK responsibly sources the beef from an internally owned ranch in Utah and butchers, preserves, and prepares the meat in-house.

Just add cheese and you’ve got one heck of a way to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day.

General Manager Alejandro Duran, who oversees the management and sourcing at both restaurants, says they don’t typically serve condiments like mustard or mayo on the burger, but rather a light sauce of house remoulade, so customers can experience all the complexities of the Chianina flavor. WCK serves two different cheeses on the burgers, aged cheddar and bleu cheese.

“Although many people enjoy the kick of the bleu cheese, my favorite has to be the cheddar,” says Duran. “It’s incredibly creamy and maintains a clean taste for this classic, American staple."

Take a look at WCK’s menu, here.

WCK is located at 1322 Coronado Avenue, Suite A.

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