KKJZ Brings Back the Wagman Blues

According to LARadio.com, CSULB-based public radio jazz outlet KKJZ (88.1) has announced that longtime blues host Gary “the Wagman” Wagner will take over the Saturday and Sunday blues show as of Saturday, Aug. 15.

In 1992, Wagner, who was previously a rock jock and longtime associate of the station's Program Director Ken Borgers replaced Bubba Jackson, who had replaced Bernie Pearl as KLON blues host. This time, Wagner replaces Nick Gerard.

In 2001, Wagner abruptly resigned from KLON in a disagreement over station fund raising policies. In 2002, KLON changed its call letters to KKJZ.

Most recently, Wagner has operated his on-line blues music site In To Blues, as well The Jazz Knob, programmed by Ken Borgers, brother of KKJZ DJ Helen Borgers. Ken Borgers, who had also been let go by the station in 2000, was until recently a staff announcer at KCRW.

It should also be noted that this reporter programmed a short-lived www.cruisinmusic.net on Wagner's site. After a few months, the plug was pulled because of a constantly crashing underpowered computer and the general nuisance factor of running an Internet radio station interfering with trying to hack out a living as a writer.

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