Long Beach Playhouse Presents First Show of the New Year, Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie


The Long Beach Playhouse and Director Shayrn Case proudly bring you Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie, the Playhouse’s first play of the new year. Follow a romantic honeymoon gone wrong aboard a paddle steamer down the foreboding Nile river. A dead bride, a wounded groom, passion, jealousy, infidelity and murder make this a cruise you won’t be able to forget anytime soon.

“We will strive to transport you to the 1930s in Egypt,” said Andrew Vonderschmitt, Executive and Producing Artistic Director of the Long Beach Playhouse. “What is special is the production itself. The show is tight, the designs are beautiful, and the performances are strong. And the script keeps you guessing until the final reveal.”

In this classic by the modern mistress of mystery, Agatha Christie, guests will travel through the Dark Continent alongside master sleuth Canon Pennefather, as he attempts to uncover an uncurbed conspiracy and bring the audacious criminals to justice. Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

“No one, that’s who,” said Vonderschmitt. “ Especially when it's done live before your eyes. Murder mysteries are a mainstay of the community theatre for a reason; we love to guess whodunit, and try to second guess the author. Well, with Christie it'll be a challenge.”

In order of appearance, several new faces as well as veteran performers will be gracing the stage with their admirable skills. Robert Agiu (STEWARD), Ahmed Baagil (BEADSELLER), Jerome Loeb (BEADSELLER/MCNAUGHT), Jane Nunn (MISS FFOLIOT-FFOULKES), Kellee Elizabeth (CHRISTINA GRANT), Lee Samuel Tanng (SMITH), Laura Clagett (LOUISE), Wilhelm Peters (DR BESSNER), Lexington Vanderberg (KAY MOSTYN), David Tracq (SIMON MOSTYN), Gregory Cohen (CANON PENNEFATHER) and Jamie Sowers (JACQUELINE DE SEVERAC) make up the Murder on the Nile cast.

Shayrn Case, an actor herself, had directed many shows previously. Last year she took on A Christmas Carol, while the previous year she tackled another of Christie’s works, And Then There Were None, one of the Playhouse’s most popular productions that season.

When asked what the Playhouse has in store for the New Year, Vonderschmitt reflected on New Year’s resolutions. “Our New Year's resolutions are not unlike anyone's,” he said. “Better health, financial and otherwise, better value, production value that is, better and closer friends and family (we consider our patrons our friends and family), and rewarding, gratifying work on and off stage.”

Special events surrounding Murder on the Nile will include a “pay what you can” performance on Thursday, January 15 when the community can see the production for whatever they can afford. On January 16, a two-for-one preview will cost patrons only $12. An opening night champagne reception with the cast will be on Saturday, January 17 for $27. For general admission, adults are $24, for seniors $21 and students are only $14.

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