Closing Reception for 'Roots and Branches' Cambodian Art Exhibit This Weekend

Chov Theanly detailRoots and Branches, an exhibition at Greenly Art Space celebrating artists of Cambodian descent living and working in both Cambodia and Southern California, will close this Saturday, January 24 to the imaginative movements of Shyamala Moorty and Jack Ngoun. During the closing reception from 7:00PM to 9:00PM, the duo will perform a ritualistic dance, based on Sayon Syprasoeuth’s sculpture, Birth of the Dragon Lady, which speaks about transformation, regeneration and rebirth.

Yearning to Bloom will commemorate the exhibit and explore conversations between cultural forms and artistic disciplines. This combination of poetry, sculpture, dance and visual artwork will seek to bridge the gaps between the works of art and the audience. Master Ho Chan will also perform traditional Cambodian music.

Kim Hak - Alive 3Curated by Kimberly Hocking, director of Greenly Art Space, Mao Soviet, director of Make Maek Art Gallery in Battambang, Cambodia and Tim Robertson, an American visual artist who has spent the last five years working Cambodia, Roots and Branches features work by Cambodian artists who are some of the first artists in their country upholding the profession. The artists living locally in California are part of the first of several generations attempting to express themselves through their unique perspectives.

The theme, Roots and Branches, revolves around origins and aspirations,” said Robertson in a statement. “We were looking for work in which the artists dealt with sources of strength and nourishment, aspirations, dreams and the future.”

For a preview of the performance, click here. Greenly Art Space is located at 2698 Junipero Ave. Suite 113 in Signal Hill.

Chov Teanly's The Evening After Class is pictured left and Kim Hak's Alive-3 is pictured right.

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