Live After 5 June Edition to Celebrate Downtown's Award-Winning Summer and Music Series

liveafter5The Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) announced today that the June edition of the monthly music series, Live After 5, will showcase mini-versions of the staple events that have made those hot downtown nights so boisterous during Long Beach’s award-winning music festival, Summer and Music (S.A.M.).

On Thursday, June 11 from 5:00PM to 11:00PM, Live After 5 will transform Pine Ave. and the East Village into a twisted circus slash buskerfest slash silent film festival as a pre-party sampling of what’s to come this summer, while Ave Zahner, formerly of Avi Buffalo, will perform solo for the first time since departing from the nationally renowned indie band.

“June's Live After 5 is going to be pretty epic in scope,” said Joshua Fischel, DLBA’s music curator for Live After 5, in a statement. “To honor a local music staple like S.A.M. is truly a dream come true. Even better? It’s free… I honestly can’t wait.”

So come enjoy free music, arts and Long Beach culture before S.A.M. takes over come June 27.

The full schedule of the event is as follows:

Honoring the staple S.A.M. event, this mini-version will bring forth musicians vying for wooden chips as they stomp, sing and strum their instruments atop the back of a truck bed.

Outside District Wine (144 Linden Ave.)
5:00PM: Justin Iannelli
5:45PM: The Andersons

Outside East Village Arts Park (150 Elm Ave.):
7:00PM: Bert Ziggen
8:00PM: Grace London​
9:00PM: Avi Zahner

A previous S.A.M event, this classic has been host to musical greats such as Matt Costa​ and Nick Waterhouse​.

Jergens Tunnel Lot (50 Pine Ave., south of Ocean)
6:00-9:00PM: Brothers Gow​

Approaching its third year, this bike-friendly event has made S.A.M. a two-wheeled transportation destination and will be a place on June 11 to watch cinema and music intertwine.

East Village Arts Park (150 Elm Ave.)
9:45-11:00PM: Silent films with music composition by local artists

According to the DLBA, this was one of last year’s most successful S.A.M. events. The lawn in front of the Pike became a twisted circus filled with live music. Now it's up to a locally renowned gym on North Pine Avenue to think outside of the box put on an otherworldly performance of its own.

Groundwork Fitness​ (333 Pine Ave.)
6:30-8:30PM: Matteran Ghost​ with performing aerialists.

For more information about upcoming Live After 5 events click here. For more information about the upcoming S.A.M. festival, click here.

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