IN PICTURES: POW! WOW! Makes its Mark on Long Beach

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Photos by Asia Morris.

The world-acclaimed artists of POW! WOW! Long Beach have come and gone, but their murals are here to stay and the city is a bit more colorful for it.

Renowned artists James Jean, Low Bros, Cryptik, Hueman, Benjie Escobar, Madsteez, Tristan Eaton, Aaron DeLa Cruz, Push, Jeff Soto, Bumblebee and Long Beach local Jeff McMillan performed the monumental task of painting larger-than-life size pieces in a week or less. 

An insightful 1-2-1 with Jeff Staple featuring the accomplished French street artist Fafi and a screening of “The Deepest Depths of the Burrow” and talk with artist Nychos, gave fans and newcomers to the genre a deeper look into the how, where and why of street art and its internationally budding culture, a scene the city has clearly voiced its support for.

While the pictures below tell an easy-to-come-by tale of the creatives who left their mark here, they simply cannot describe the in-person effect when happening upon or intentionally visiting one of the ten, now-vibrant sites to see. So, do yourself a favor and explore the hidden murals and in-your-face walls of art now scattered mostly throughout downtown.

Click here for a map of all the mural locations.

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