UPDATE: Winners of 3rd Annual POLB PHOTOGALLERY Announced by Long Beach Arts Council

Denise Dube All About Scale

Photos courtesy of the Port of Long Beach.

UPDATE | The Arts Council of Long Beach announced the winners of the third annual Port of Long Beach (POLB) PHOTOGALLERY competition Saturday, the POLB announced today.

Winners of the contest and exhibition, which was showcased at the Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA) for the first time, included Los Angeles resident Norman Harris (first place) for his work on Dock, a twilight photo of a container ship, Long Beach resident Denise Dube (second place) for her black-and-white photo Tug Club and Huntington Beach resident Laurie Mortara (third place) for Last Flight of the Night for a photo of two seagulls in motion near a ship in the harbor.

PHOTOGALLERY will be shown at the MoLAA through January 3, 2016. Show hours are from 11:00AM to 5:00PM Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Extended hours are 11:00AM to 9:00PM Friday. The museum is open free to the public on Sundays. MOLAA is located at 628 Alamitos Avenue, Long Beach 90802.

PREVIOUSLY: 3rd Annual POLB PHOTOGALLERY Provides an Artistic Glimpse of the Long Beach Port

10/02/2015 at 4:26PM | A few of the photos featured in the 3rd annual Port of Long Beach (POLB) PHOTOGALLERY, to be held for the first time at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) and set to open on Sunday, October 4 when admission is free for all, have been released to the media.

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Denise Dube’s All About Scale (pictured above), Laurie Mortara’s Last Flight of the Night (right below) and Bao Ngo's Follow the Night are just three of the pictured images that will be featured, showing a completely different side of the port some of us may think we know. The photographs in PHOTOGALLERY are the culmination of a workshop and twilight cruise through the port's harbors that beginning, amateur and professional photographers participated in.

Laurie Mortara last flight of the night

“While this year's experience very much mirrored last year's, I have to say that the port was much busier this time around,” said Aisha Alex, one of the photographers who participated in the twilight cruise and exhibition. “We saw so much movement—cargo being unloaded and moved, port workers bustling around, and even operators acknowledging us by ‘waving’ their crane flippers. It really made for an enjoyable excursion to both witness as well as photograph.”

POLB spokesman Lee Peterson noted that perhaps Victoria Bryan, executive director of the Arts Council could explain it better.

“She talks about how when you take all the photographers out, amateurs and professionals, they all have their own eye for what they see and some are going to capture those wide and grand, if you will, images of the port and the expanse of it, and some concentrate on zeroing in on some of the details, such as a scrape on the side of a ship or some wildlife," he said. “It's very interesting that you get to see everybody's perspectives on that.”

Bao Ngo FollowTheLight

Curator of Exhibitions Edward Hayes Jr., who helped artfully organize the photos into their comprehensive layout in the newly designated Port to Learning gallery, said several of the pieces were taken in such a way that they seem like paintings in themselves. He said that similar photos were placed next to each other to show that one can never take the same shot twice, even if two photographers were standing side by side at the same time.

“I hope the photography exhibit conveys a view of the port not seen everyday; it is a wonderfully fascinating and educational entity that is an essential contributor to life in Long Beach,” said Alex.

The exhibit is located at MOLAA at 628 Alamitos Avenue. The show will run from October 4 to January 3 and is open for viewing from 11:00AM to 5:00PM Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and 11:00AM to 9:00PM Friday.

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