Art Theatre’s Annual Fundraiser Brings Oscars Glitz and Glamour to Long Beach

Art Theatre Oscars 2

All photos courtesy of the Art Theatre.

A red carpet, mock limousines, local Long Beach celebrities and rowdy paparazzi will line Long Beach’s Retro Row this Sunday during Art Theatre’s fifth annual Oscars fundraising event.

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A live telecast of the Oscars will screen on the Art Theatre’s new digital projection system, as guests enjoy wine and appetizers. Onsite balloting will be hosted by Ronald Nelson, executive director of the Long Beach Museum of Art, and Richard Lewis, board member of the Art Theatre, between each televised award presentation. Guests will test just how film-savvy they are for the opportunity to go home with prizes. 

The dazzle and elegance of the Oscars will lend itself to black-tie dress, though it is not required. art theatre Oscars 1

“There’s something exciting about everybody getting dressed up for the Oscars,” Lewis said. “A large group of people that also love film, watching the awards together on the big screen.”

This year, Lewis expects the 350-seat theater to be at capacity because of the common history between both establishments in honoring cinematic excellence. The Art Theatre is the longest running single screen theater in Long Beach and, now, it’s the only one.

The February 28 event will take place from 4:00PM to 8:00PM and is open to the public through advanced registration and a membership purchase.

“By attending the Oscar party and becoming a member, guests are making a choice to support independent and local art. The Art Theatre is the last of its kind, and since the 1920s has been dedicated to showcasing and supporting the arts right here in Long Beach,” Jan Robert van Dijs, president of the Art Theatre non-profit, said in a statement.

Funds collected during the event will be used toward maintaining the Art Theatre, paying off the brand new digital projector and continuing to offer unique programming for members and guests, Lewis said.

“Our Oscars event is really our way of saying thank you to members for their support,” he said. “We use it as an opportunity to say thank you to our members and also its a great time to have people become new members or renew their membership to the Art Theatre.”

The Art Theatre fundraiser can be followed on social media using the hashtag #arttheatrelb. Individuals interested in purchasing tickets must do so by February 26 at or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Art Theatre Oscars 3Packages include:

Current member: complimentary—members who have donated in the past 12 months will receive one seat at the “Oscar” party. Tickets must be claimed by 6:00PM the day of the event.

Bronze membership: $25—one admission, plus free drink voucher and a yearly subscription to the Art Theatre’s film program.

Silver membership: $50—two admissions, plus two free drink vouchers and a yearly subscription to the Art Theatre’s film program. Silver members will gain access to “members only” special screenings and regularly receive various benefits. In addition, they will snag four free passes, valued at $44, to any Art Theatre sponsored “@11 Film Series.”

Gold membership: $100—four admissions, plus four drink vouchers and a yearly subscription to the Art Theatre. Additionally, the name of gold members will be placed on the donor panel displayed in the Art Theatre lobby. Members will also gain free unlimited access and admissions to “@11 Film Series” and “members only” screenings sponsored by the Art Theatre, along with receiving various regular benefits.

The Art Theatre is located at. Valet services will be available. Self-parking will be available at the parking lot at 4th Street and Cherry Avenue.

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