Immerse Yourself in the 3rd Dimension: A Sneak Peek at LBMA's Latest Exhibition

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Photos by Asia Morris. Detail of Mark Dean Veca's mural for Vitality and Verve: In the Third Dimension.

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the imagination of a favorite artist, this Friday is your chance to step into a physical realm of creativity at the Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA), where the walls, floors and even parts of the ceiling have been transformed for Vitality & Verve: In the Third Dimension.


The Long Beach Post was given a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes of setting up. We caught the tail end of the process, as Alex Yanes totem pole pieces sat waiting to be stacked and artist Brendan Monroe painting the walls next to a display of his anthropomorphic blobs, with the exhibition set to open to hundreds expected to attend Friday’s anticipated After Dark event.

The museum has become a sophisticated fun house, where instead of feigning body dysmorphic disorder in front of a tampered mirror, you experience a transformation of the mind as your eyes graze over artworks you’re tempted to touch, that also speak to concepts that might expand your view. And if you remember the murals of last year, the value of their beauty enhanced by their temporality, this exhibit is that and much more, as the forms and figures normally restricted to the wall come to life as sculptures and other three-dimensional forms.

You can’t miss this one.

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For more information about the LBMA, visit the website here.

The LBMA is located at 2300 East Ocean Boulevard.


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