IN PICTURES: POW! WOW! Long Beach in Progress

DSC 0043

Photos by Asia Morris.

For its second annual arrival in Long Beach, POW! WOW! has more than doubled the amount of artists and murals being painted this year. Not enough time has been available as of yet for the Long Beach Post to visit every single work of art; however, we’ve managed to put together what we think is a gallery worthy of your attention, as artists from as far as Spain, Portugal and France slave away under the hot Southern California sun to beautify this seaside city.

This is a gallery of a POW! WOW! in progress, of works unfinished, that are oftentimes even more fascinating as you can see how the artists work, how they outline their shapes and figures before they’re filled in to completion.

For more information about POW! WOW! Long Beach, visit the website here

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