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October marks Long Beach Arts Month and the Long Beach Post has partnered with the Arts Council for Long Beach to celebrate the image makers, the painters, the dancers, the designers, the musicians, and the countless other artists who make our city vibrant and cultured. Our homepage will feature an artist’s own unique interpretation of Long Beach daily so make sure to check back every weekday to discover or rediscover a local talent.

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Nanash (aka Analissa) Garcia is a Long Beach native, and though she just moved to Lakewood, the 20-year-old has always felt Long Beach is her true home.

“In high school, I studied oceanography and that made me have a different understanding of the ocean and truly fall in love with it—hence this piece,” Garcia said. “Most of my work is heavily influenced by the sea and what better was to incorporate that to a project than a piece for the city of Long Beach?”

The Aquarium of the Pacific—a place of inspiration for many local artists—is one of Garcia’s favorite places and she said her piece is dedicated to the organization that seeks to explore and clean up not just our own shores, but waters around the world.

Garcia is currently attending the Art Institute of California in North Hollywood where she is studying Animation.

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