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Photos by Angela Truong.

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The community came together to join HeARTsy’s second annual art show last Saturday at Hellada Gallery to showcase artwork created by local disadvantaged children.

“You walk in and you just feel all the different emotions and colors and it’s just a wonderful feeling to know that these kids had a little taste of healing through the arts,” said HeARTsy founder and program director Yeggi Watts.

CityHeART Art Show to Raise Funds for Children in Need

The artwork displayed came from Long Beach Day Nursery, The Children’s Clinic and Century Villages at Cabrillo. Executive Director and Founder of CityHeART Paige Pelonis said they received three times the artwork than they did last year.

Some of the children that donated pieces attended the show with their families. Lincy Hernandez said she loves drawing because it’s one of her passions and she was able to do art projects with her parents since she was little.

“It’s so pretty that they’re trying to support kids in need and I’m proud because I’m helping too,” said Hernandez.

Attendees were also able to purchase the artwork, which ranged from $10-$35. Many children that joined the art show got the opportunity to draw, get their faces painted, do yoga and participate in the open mic event toward the end of the night.

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful feeling just to see how colorful it is in there because it really exemplifies not only the beauty and diversity of children but the beauty and diversity of Long Beach itself,” said Watts.

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