IN PICTURES: Renowned Choreographer Aaron Cash Brings One-Man Show to LB Playhouse • Long Beach Post

Photos by Angela Truong.

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Aaron Cash performed Last Dance, a one-man show at the Long Beach Playhouse on Sunday to memorialize three choreographers’ contributions to the art of movement.

Cash has danced and worked for Cher, Michael Jackson, Prince, Paula Abdul, Frank Sinatra and many more throughout his 40-plus years performing.

“Dance has always been my surest and most direct form of communication,” said Cash in a statement. “With Last Dance, I have the chance to express my thanks, joy, love and sheer delight in what dance has brought to me.”

Last Dance featured three forgotten dance legends from different eras, Gunter Von Pantzappfel, Rafeal Bonnicella Garcia Arranjuez and Peter Brown, also known as Con Temporary. Cash brought them to life with his performance, highlighting their relationships, struggles and accomplishments with humor and melancholy.

“Each time I perform Last Dance, I learn something new from these men about myself, dance and always, what it means to offer yourself up to something or someone,” stated Cash.

Cash will perform Last Dance again on Sunday, April 15, although tickets are sold out. Ten percent of the proceeds will go to local nonprofit AIDS Food Store to purchase personal hygiene products for its clients.

“AIDS Food Store is excited to partner with both the Long Beach Playhouse and Aaron Cash to bring this amazing show to Long Beach before it heads to New York,” said John Newell, board chair at AIDS Food Store. “The show will allow the audience to experience the beauty of dance along with helping men, women, children and transgendered people living with HIV.”

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