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Carmen Argote (Mexico, b. 1981) La Ultima Magnolia from the series Mansion Magnolia, 2016 C- Print, 3 +2AP, 40 x 30 inches Courtesy of the artist and Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles. Photos courtesy of the Museum of Latin American Art.

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An exhibition dedicated to the late conceptual artist Ana Mendieta (Cuba, 1948–1985) on the 70th anniversary year of her birth will open at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) on Saturday, March 24.

Curated by Edward Hayes, Extracorporeal, or Beyond the Body explores Mendieta’s footprint in today’s contemporary art practices through the works of Antonio Paucar (Peru, b. 1973), Carmen Argote (Mexico, b. 1981), Daniela Riojas (U.S., b. 1989), Roberto Tondopó (Mexico, b. 1978), and Tadeo Muleiro (Argentina, b. 1983).

The artists present video, performance, photography and sculpture “in transcendental projects that explore personal and historical trauma in profound ways,” MOLAA included in today’s announcement. Each artist also employs the use of their own body in their work, as did Mendieta.

Daniela Riojas (U.S.A., b. 1989) Limpia 3, 2014 Digital photograph, 34 x 24 inches Courtesy of the artist.

“I physically place myself in a mode of abstract worship as a way to connect to indigenous deities, totems, archetypes, and new mythic characters. I capture this process through self-portraiture, performance, installation, and video,” Riojas said in a statement. “The images and performances become vehicles for remnants of a lost spiritual history.”

Running as an undercurrent through this particular selection, the theme of transcendentalism unites these artists who have uprooted themselves to explore what is beyond their immediate position in time and space.

Antonio Paucar (Peru, b. 1973) Suspendido en un Queñua, 2014 HD Video, 6:30 min. Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Barbara Thumm.

In Suspendido en un Queñua / Suspended in a Queñua (2014), Paucar looks back on his childhood spent sowing and harvesting crops in the Andes, similar to Mendieta’s earth body works in her Silueta series (1973-1980), according to MOLAA.

Performances and interventions are documented through both still and moving images with artists using personal narratives to take viewers on a path of exploration. Ancestral roots, family histories and abstract concepts of being and belonging are topics approached in the upcoming exhibition.

Extracorporeal, or Beyond the Body will open March 24 and run through July 29. For more information, including hours and admission, check out the website here.

MOLAA is located at 628 Alamitos Avenue.

Asia Morris is a Long Beach native covering arts and culture for the Long Beach Post. You can reach her @hugelandmass on Twitter and Instagram and at [email protected].

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