IN PICTURES: SoundWalk 10th Anniversary • Long Beach Post

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Photos and video by Hannah Maynard

This weekend Long Beach celebrated the 10th anniversary of SoundWalk, an event offering a unique blend of alternative art and unusual soundscapes placed throughout the East Village Arts District.

Attendees wandering through the neighborhood were presented with unconventional installations bursting with self-expression, from a rubber band orchestra to an opera creature to a room filled with fabrics and a single-note drone. Viewers were forced to think outside the box and experience their senses in a less-established way.

After a decade in Long Beach, SoundWalk is still a refreshing occasion allowing all involved to communicate with and explore the community as a canvas for avant garde art and sound. If you missed out, however, you’ll have to wait until 2015. The event goes on hiatus next year so that it can return with even more expansive and daring explorations into sight, sound and space.


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