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As new media emerges in a city of bold voices-—a few among you have taken to the medium of podcasting.

As Forbes noted recently, “the history of podcasting is inseparable from technology.” It is estimated that 15 percent of the country’s population, or about 42 million Americans, listen to podcasts every week. They offer something for everyone, whether a form of catharsis for the creators or private pleasures in public places for the listeners, as the Financial Times stated.

A spotlight finds five rising independant podcasts in Long Beach. True to the city, these voices vary in vector. Get in the headphones or tempt fate and pop in the earpods and hear for yourself. Cheers.

If your mind is abuzz early in the day Elizabeth Lanier’s voice may find you. Woke Brunch is a podcast for those that enjoy the “best” meal of the day. Liz and friends chat local eats, activism, social conundrums and subversive Pokemon theories. Raise a mimosa and enjoy a chat with @wokebrunch.

Maybe you’re one of Long Beach’s many cyclists and your mind is ablaze with the world around you. Meet Alex Exum—an unapologetic voice and lover of common sense. Self-described as “the last conservative in L.A.” he spins his own flavor on culture and politics both on a local and wide scope. Grab your bike and take a ride with @alexexum– and of course, remember a bottle of water.

  • IDEK / Clare Dickerson

Hailing from the Midwest, Clare Dickerson finds herself in the middle of the Long Beach indie podcast scene—she chats with random folks as they find her. Clare and friends share political marching ambiance, comedy and good company. Pour a glass of red wine and join the @IDEKpod conversation.

Meet Florida native Charles Karel Bouley—well versed in the entertainment game, he brings insight with a progressive mindset and a eclectic nature. Be it comedy or spitting fire, Karel is rarely out of his element. Put on some sunscreen and join @reallykarel on the open road as he starts a new chapter.

As the hour grows late you seek decompression. Elevate your mind in the penthouse with Socal native Chuck Rendon and Norcal transplant Curtis Herod. The two seek to immerse you in sound design and the esoteric. Whether covering a comic expo or chewing on the darkside of sci-fi culture, @diabolical30 always enjoys the scenery and a good vice. Crack the window and enjoy the Long Beach soundscape.

As the medium of podcasting continues to evolve in Long Beach, reach out so I can keep up and can continue to connect you with your community. Feel free to contact me on twitter about podcasting or life in Long Beach.

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