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In our final installment of Best of Long Beach 2014, we look to the people and the businesses who help us make our own lives a little easier, liven up our professional endeavors, or simply provide us some relief from the stresses of the day-to-day with a some good ol’ fashion American-style consumer catharsis. With the biggest shopping day of the year rapidly approaching, we want to know who where you go when you’ve got errands to run, business to take care of, or are just in need of a little retail therapy.

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Welcome to Best of Long Beach 2014: Shopping and Services.

Vote for your favorite in each category below, or nominate a new entry by typing it into the “add an answer” box. Voting is open until Friday, December 12 at 11:59PM.


Best Place in Long Beach to Find a Gift for the Person Who Has Everything
You know that person: they never ask for anything, they aren’t too keen on holiday celebrations, and they’d rather you buy them a cocktail on their birthday than something that can be festively wrapped in a box. But you—ever the gift giver—always find something perfect, even for that person. Where do you go to find it in Long Beach?

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Best Men’s Store in Long Beach
Can we talk about gender inequality for a second? Women have stores targeted at them from here to Project Runway. Stylish men, however, have to do a bit more hunting when it comes to buying clothes and accessories. Where in Long Beach can you find the best selection of men’s apparel?

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Best Pet Groomer in Long Beach
Our office dog Pammie has a pretty cushy gig. As Chief Morale Officer, her responsibilities mainly include kisses, lounging under desks, and instigating the occasional lunchtime pick-up soccer game. In fact, the hardest part of her job is always having to look her best for her fans on Instagram. Where is the best place in Long Beach to get your pup all dolled up?

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Best Place to Learn a New Skill in Long Beach
Learning a new skill is as good for your body as it is for your mind. From flying planes to painting still lifes to sailing to stand-up paddle boarding, there’s really no excuse to ever be bored as long as you’re in Long Beach. Where is the best place in Long Beach to go to try something new?

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Best Real Estate Agent in Long Beach
You see their faces everywhere, enticing you to come in, take a tour, and find that perfect dream house. Whether you need help finding a mid-mod masterpiece, a classic craftsman, or a regal Victorian revival, who in Long Beach is the right real estate agent to get the job done?

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Best Handmade Goods in Long Beach
When was the last time you held a soft, supple handmade leather bag? Or reveled in high-quality, hand-tailored denim? Or had the satisfaction of saying “Sorry, it’s one-of-a-kind” to a copycat looking to steal your style? Long Beach is home to a seemingly never-ending supply of gorgeous handmade good. Who do you think makes the best?

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Best Place to Score a Deal in Long Beach
Isn’t the recession supposed to be over? We all work too hard to be ballin’ on a budget, but the reality is, we’re all searching for ways to save money. Plus, there’s nothing more disheartening than when a friend tells you how they scored the same thing you’re holding, but for much cheaper. Where is the best place to score a deal in Long Beach?

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Best Optometrist in Long Beach
For many, glasses aren’t just a necessity; they can be a stylish facial accessory that completely changes your look. From frame fit and style to the grade of lens, from eyeglasses to sunglasses, houses of Optometry are of utter importance to many. Which is the best, Long Beach?

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Best Antiques in Long Beach
A genuine Bauhaus chair. A Tiffany lamp in perfect condition. A gorgeous pair of Bausch & Lomb sunglasses from 1952. Antiques aren’t just old things—for some, they’re essential parts of their home, style, and life. Which place houses the best antiques in Long Beach?

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Best Daycare/Preschool in Long Beach
These places permit parents to work (or escape for a brief few hours of respite) while also providing the child a place to grow, learn, make new friends and experience new things. What is Long Beach’s best daycare and/or preschool?

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Best National Brand to Be Welcomed into Long Beach
Whether they are on their way in or are already established in the city, national brands are seeing Long Beach in a whole new light. Surely, we adore and support our local vendors without question. But who, from the regional or national level, has been welcomed into Long Beach with open arms?

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Best Corporate Citizen in Long Beach
They’re powerful entities—but they understand and recognize that Long Beach is a big city with small-town heart. These corporations sponsor events, support charities, and create a better sense of community by giving back. Who is Long Beach’s best corporate citizen?

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